Flight Operations

Flight Operations 24/7

Djetops holds flight operations from its headquarters in Farnborough Airport, UK. Our flight dispatchers, both multi-lingual and highly experienced, are happy to receive your requests around the clock 24/7, 365 days a year. In our commitment to quality, we offer seamless flight permits, ground handling, fuelling and flight planning for the most competitive prices. We also provide hotel accommodation, catering and visas for crew and passengers.

Overflight & Landing Permits

At Djetops we work hard to make the complex and unexpected processes of flight permits a thing of the past. Our team delivers exceptional results when it comes to the know-how of obtaining overflight and landing permits, and our solid expertise guarantees that you would have your permits conveniently anywhere in the world.

Ground Handling

When it comes to ground handling, we only deal with the best available local FBOs and handlers. Our wide network of providers makes it possible to bring you the best prices as we rigorously negotiate obtaining premium services for low prices. Moreover, we offer the best all-package out there, including great offerings on hotels, transportation, catering, visas while facilitating payments for our clients to include the option of buying on credit. We also make sure to provide you with convenient follow-ups and confirmations via phone. All that, to help you enjoy peace of mind while running ground operations globally.


Why deal with different fuel sellers when you can have all its complexities arranged with Djetops? We easily arrange fuel uplifts at more than 1600 locations worldwide. Not only that; we offer competitive prices based on volume as our connections with the world’s fuel sellers enable us to offer you more convenient payment solutions, including buying on credit.

Computer Flight Planning

Beside our diligent efforts to secure the best fuel prices, we ensure that your trips are on the optimised routing and levels for maximum fuel efficiency and flight safety. We use up-to-the-minute data to provide our clients with full computerised flight plan, ATC Filing, route analysis, significant weather brief and NOTAM brief. Our innovation lies in the extended relationships with our partners, which enables us to access the flight-planning engine and develop it in-house to generate customised flight plans and use the data to enhance our web and mobile apps.