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This app changes the way flight operators get their overflight and landing permissions, globally. Permits logic in PermitsGlobal App was developed rapidly and has become part of the FlightSupport App, the comprehensive game-changing solution. As a result, the users of PermitsGlobal started switching to FlightSupport App to enjoy the all-in-one app solution.


A subscription-free mobile/web app that is truly smart yet extremely user-friendly. FlightSupport was built around the needs of private jet operators, cargo/passenger airlines and national carriers. Its built-in logic easily takes care of fuelling, ground handling, flight permits and flight planning. This revolutionises the field’s user behaviour once and for all while helping flight operators save enormous hours and millions of dollars in the long run.


Specifically built for the usage of the Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide, this software automates the complex process of receiving flight permit requests from the world flight operators or the agents and issues overflight and landing permits directly and instantly by CAA. The platform provides a revolutionised solution that makes the world of applying and receiving the flight permits automated, easy and hassle-free.