Who We Are

Introducing Djetops

From 24/7 flight operations, throughout the internet, to mobile apps, we aim to support the aviation industry with new innovations in technology & customer relationship.

How the story began

The idea behind our innovation in aviation is quite simple. In our cutting-edge digital age, there is no reason for flight operations to run at the same efficiency rate with which it was created back in the 1980s.

Armed with more than 100 years of combined experience in aviation and technology, we ventured into the world of flight operations. Our journey started in 2012 in Bulgaria, and the brand developed rapidly with operations relocating in the United Kingdom in just two years.

On a daily basis, we witnessed the hours that flight operators spent on arranging fuel uplifts, ground handling, overflight/landing permits and route analysis using cluttered emails, lots of calls and sometimes complex software. This also came with a significant margin of error, even to the best in the field. We pictured a day when we would create a solution for them to perform these same tasks in few seconds, fewer clicks and zero mistakes.

The visionaries at Djetops united forces with the best in the technology industry to create game-changing solutions. As we provided world-class flight support services to the aviation industry, we were creating the industry’s first smart online flight permits application, PermitsGlobal. The success of PermitsGlobal led to building a comprehensive flight support solution; we called it FlightSupport.

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