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Djetops launches PermitsGlobal in November 2017

The industry’s first app for flight permits automation, PermitsGlobal is finally here. The web and mobile application had been in development for two and a half years during which it saw rigorous testing and continuous updates, fine tuning the experience before PermitsGlobal is officially launched for the industry.

The app was first released in beta version at EBACE 2016, Geneva for demonstration and feedback purposes, but is now available, free of annual fees.

PermitsGlobal automates the complex process of obtaining over-flight and landing permits, revolutionising how pilots and flight operators connect, communicate and manage their general and special flight permits from a smartphone, tablet or via the web.

“Obtaining overflight and landing permits is a challenge facing the best flight operator,” said PermitsGlobal sales manager James Holland. He also added that the requirements, restrictions, rules and regulations can change daily which makes PermitsGlobal a crucial tool for flight operators, agents and third-party support companies.

With PermitsGlobal, operators can apply for permits with a simple selection process, reducing the time needed for such tasks by 90%. The PermitsGlobal App also features flight routes, suggestions for overfly countries, record keeping, and the ability to share updates on other channels and platforms.

The visionaries at Djetops have designed the PermitsGlobal App to cater to both large international companies and small ones as well, and it also works for individual aircraft owners anywhere in the world. In developing PermitsGlobal, Djetops partnered with industry leaders including UK's FlightGlobal to provide the data feed on details of global aircraft and operators; UK's AirData for flight planning solutions; and too many collaborators in both the aviation and the technology.